Laser Dentistry Is Here: 5 Reasons It May Be Right for You

Though the term, laser, may evoke visions of futuristic weapons, the reality is that this technology has been in use in medical circles for decades. In fact, laser, which stands for “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation,” was first introduced into the dentistry world in the 1960s, but thanks to refinements in the technology and the extraordinary medical benefits, it’s fast becoming the approach of choice when it comes to dental work.At Skyline Smiles, Dr. Harleen Grewal and our team pride ourselves on offering the most cutting-edge dental treatments available, which includes laser dentistry.

Here’s a look at five reasons why laser dentistry is changing the way we approach your dental health for the better.

  1.  Many applications

The first benefit of laser dentistry is that there are many applications of this technology. Using lasers, we can address everything from hard and soft tissues to whitening your teeth.

For example, if you have problems with a gummy smile, we can reshape your gums using a laser. As well, we can loosen a tight frenulum (the piece of tissue underneath your tongue that anchors it in place) and eliminate any soft tissue that interferes with dentures or other dental devices (bridges, crowns, etc.)

When it comes to hard tissues, we can detect cavities with laser technologies and prepare your child’s or your teeth for fillings.

When it comes to teeth whitening, after we apply the bleaching agent, we use laser technology to speed up the whitening process.

  2.  Less pain and bleeding

When we use a laser, the treatment promotes clotting at the same time, which means there’s less bleeding. At the same time, laser energy also seals the sensitive nerve endings in the treatment area, which means you or your child experiences less pain.

Not to mention, laser technology is more precise, which means there’s less collateral tissue damage, which also helps in reducing pain and bleeding.

  3.  No drilling

If the sound of a drill inside your head makes you uncomfortable, laser dentistry is relatively quiet. We can also use laser treatments on kids, which helps those who may be (understandably) anxious about the strange noises.

  4.  Eliminates infection

Laser dentistry is a fantastic tool for treating periodontitis, or gum disease, because it kills harmful bacteria. Not only can we clear the current infection, laser dentistry does a great job of preventing further bacterial growth.

  5.  Faster healing

As we’ve mentioned, laser technology is more precise and minimizes pain and bleeding, all of which leads to a much faster recovery period. Whether we’re using laser technology to reshape gums, to eliminate gum disease, or to address tooth decay, you or your child will be smiling much more quickly.

If you’d like to learn more about how our laser technology can improve your dental experience, contact our office in Santa Clarita to set up an appointment.

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