Young Adults (17-22)

Young adults of ages of 17 to 22 are on the cusp of adulthood, and nearly at the end of their dental developmental phases. All of their primary teeth fell out long ago, and their adult teeth are almost entirely finished coming in. While not all patients will get wisdom teeth, many patients in this age range are going to begin experiencing the eruption of their 3rd molars. These molars, known as wisdom teeth, can be excruciatingly painful and almost always require removal to avoid causing long-term damage to their mouth.
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Learn More About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are another molar that come in behind the furthest teeth back in your mouth. Like other molars, they are designed to crush and grind food to make it easier to digest. Unlike the other molars, these 3rd molars are a throwback to days when human foods were harder to chew and often consumed raw. Why are they called wisdom teeth? Common folk tales say it’s because they come in at the end of your childhood years, at a time when you may be considered “wiser.”

Wisdom teeth often have to be removed because our mouths no longer have room for them. Of the patients who develop wisdom teeth, many of them will experience discomfort or pain due to their becoming impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth happen when there isn’t sufficient room for the tooth to erupt through the gum into the mouth. This is the case for almost all patients who develop these teeth, making wisdom tooth removal a regular part of most people’s lives.

Deep Cleanings Become More Common

During this developmental period, our patients will often see an increased need for deep cleaning. Deep cleanings go beyond clearing out plaque and tartar from the teeth; they also reach down to clean the spaces below the gumline to help prevent the onset of periodontal disease. Many patients will begin receiving these cleanings as a routine part of their twice-yearly dental visits.

Composite Fillings

Now that all of the patient’s teeth have come in, it’s all about protecting and maintaining their teeth. Composite fillings are a regular part of this practice, addressing places that the enamel has become thin or wholly worn through. Composite fillings help to protect the tooth by filling in these gaps and protecting the sensitive dentin and pulp beneath from acid caused by bacteria. The need for fillings can be abated by regular dental hygiene practices, especially those that include flossing.

Once reaching this milestone, patients are entering adulthood and will need to take steps to protect the teeth that will be with them for a lifetime. Here at Skyline Smiles, we’re honored to help our patients transition through this period and begin a long life with good oral health. Call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Leena at (661) 244-4036 today! As part of your visit, you’ll undergo a full dental exam to determine your current state of dental health and receive a consultation. We happily anticipate serving you and your family through childhood, into adolescence, and beyond!

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