Elementary Aged Kids (5-9)

Once all of your children’s baby teeth have come in, 20 in total, they’ll begin transitioning into the next stage of their dental life. This is an important time in their life, and keeping their primary teeth healthy helps ensure that their adult teeth will come in properly. Use this time to develop good dental habits, educate them on oral health, and develop a pattern of regular dental visits they can keep up their whole lives.
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The Arrival Of Adult Teeth

By age four, your child will have had all of their primary teeth come in, which also signals the earliest opportunity for them to start falling out as their adult teeth come in. The majority of children will begin losing their baby teeth at the age of six. In the following years, until all of their primary teeth have fallen out, they’ll have a mixture of their baby teeth and adult teeth. By age 12, the majority of children will have had all of their adult teeth, with the exception of their wisdom teeth. In most cases, children who got their baby teeth late will also get their adult teeth late.

Good Hygiene And Regular Dental Cleanings

Regular dental hygiene habits need to be established at this stage of your child’s life. You and your children should brush your teeth twice a day, use mouthwash, and floss. These practices will form good habits that will ensure lasting oral health throughout their lives. In addition to these practices, it’s time to establish a habit of seeing their dentist every six months. These regular visits are just another part of keeping their smile looking its best and avoiding costly dental bills throughout their lives.

Extractions And Composite Fillings

Extractions are occasionally necessary for your children’s primary teeth. This can be due to decay, or due to their failure to fall out and make room for the adult teeth. Many parents are surprised to learn that dentists will often suggest composite fillings rather than extractions for baby teeth. Even though they will eventually fall out on their own, primary teeth play an important role in the healthy development of adult teeth. As the adult teeth come in, primary teeth ensure they are properly spaced and help to keep them in proper alignment. As a result, Dr. Leena will avoid doing an extraction when primary teeth can be saved in most cases. If you want to learn more about your child’s dental development during these years, contact our office at (661) 244-4036 today to schedule an appointment. When you call this number, our attentive staff will provide you with guidance on preparing for your first visit to Skyline Smiles. Being proactive during your child’s dental development will ensure that they’ll be able to benefit from great oral habits and a beautiful smile throughout their lives. Don’t wait until there are problems to schedule your child’s first appointment, call now, and make sure they get a great start on oral healthcare.